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Milliner Needles - SOHMO

Suitable for hand sewing. Milliner needles are long with round eyes, and traditional used for hat making. They are also traditionally used for pleating or smocking, but are great for a variety of projects.

Made in Japan, these needles are snag-free, sharp and strong.

Packaged in a handy tin with sliding lid.

It’s important not to leave pins and needles in projects for a prolonged period of time. Although they are nickel plated, they may corrode - particularly in moist or coastal environments.

Needle size: 20 needles:

5 needles, 0.99 x 55.60mm (3 gauge)

5 needles, 0.84 x 50.80mm (5 gauge)

5 needles 0.69 x 46.80mm (7 gauge)

5 needles, 0.53 x 42.90mm (9 gauge)

Tin size: 60mm x 34mm x 13mm

Weight: 15g

Made in Japan, Packed in Australia.

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