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Beaded Embroidery Kit in Lilac - Imogen Melissa

This bundle has been designed to give you a taste of hand embroidery and beading, whether you are a total newbie or a craft lover looking to try something new. This bundle will give you a chance to try embroidery and beading while also slowing you down and allowing for a mindful moment.

There is no pattern to follow in this kit but there is a tips and tricks booklet to guide you through the process. As well as MANY links to videos on Imogen’s instagram talking you through the process of beaded embroidery. There is no pattern in the kit as Imogen wanted you to be free to play and create with the beads! What happens if you lay them all down in lines or stack them up until they spill off the hoop? Dive in and have fun playing with the beads and colours. Remember the best thing about embroidery? You can always undo it if you don’t like it.

The colour palettes has been meticulously curated for you, sourcing the perfect beads and sequins for you to play with. Imogen prides herself in using the most beautiful combinations of beads and sequins in various textures and qualities. All the beads in the kit are either glass or ceramic.

There are two pieces of linen fabric in the kit, giving you a warm up hoop testing out the techniques and then a ‘final piece’ hoop.

Please be aware that some of the beads shown in the photos may not be the exact beads you receive but will be extremely similar, this is due to their supply level which is unfortunately out of my control. However I will always do my best to source something as similar as possible!

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